Sue Ellen + Jonathan’s Wedding

Sue Ellen is one of my closest friends in Colorado.  We met at church when I first landed here, serving together with the teens.  Even when she went off to Oklahoma to finish her education, we stayed in touch.

She has such a wonderfully warm smile that simply makes you want to snuggle up and give her a big hug!  She leads worship at Boulder Street Church, where she and Jonathan took the big step and knitted their lives together.  I seriously was relying on auto-focus for quite a bit since I couldn’t see through my tears of joy!

So glad to have been part of your wedding day, you two.  Love you!

Sue Ellen’s purity ring, that she gave to her new husband, right after their vows.  Oh, and yes, her beautiful wedding ring, in her signature color; green.

Sue Ellen, you are just stunningly gorgeous.  Simple as that.

Jonathan and the guys getting ready for the first look at Rock Ledge Ranch.

They are such a serious group.  😀  Loved how light-hearted and fun-loving the whole day was!

Next was a stop and a warm-up at Shuga’s.  ….and more fun.

This is just barely the beginning of all the images!

Clickity click click here to see a slideshow of the highlights.

To see the couple’s wedding website and view lots more images, click here.

A huge Thank You to Ashlee and Tia at Smash Events who took care of the whole day and make things look effortlessly fabulous!


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