Fall Family Portraits at McCabe Meadows

I was blessed to photograph family portraits on a fine fall day for a couple whose wedding I also photographed four years ago.


I so enjoy being able to see “my” couples later on.  Being part of people’s lives for a little bit and capturing images that say it all is such a rewarding part of my job and honestly, one that makes me sigh with contentment on days like this.


We met in their neck of the woods; McCabe Meadows in Parker.   Such a beautiful day!  The perfect day for fall portraits, to be sure.  So thought the twenty other photographers there too.  (Okay, four others, really.)

Getting to meet the littles for the first time, I was immediately smitten!   Of course, I can’t pass up a chance to play with other people’s kids and capture their off-the-charts adorableness.  😀



Working with young kids, you always have to take a moment to let them be themselves.  Sometimes they’re shy, sometimes they want to laugh and play.  If you’re patient and keep your finger on the trigger, you get rewarded with precious moments like these, where they’re doing exactly what they usually do with mom or dad.



Hardin-4698   Hardin-4718

Another pleasure of working with families in the fall are adorable Halloween costumes!

Oh, yes please!



This was little man’s dino ROAR! (and dino stomp)




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